real estate resourcesWho does not like free stuff? I know I do for sure! You ever run across an investing term and go- Huh? Or sit-in on a Webinar and totally mis-understand the explanation of a real estate investing topic? It has happened to all of us! Don’t worry we got ya covered. I want to share three great FREE real estate investing resources that are used by REIClub Investors to help them better understand key real estate investing terms, learn more about a real estate niche/topic and sometimes run a question by a real estate mentor or brainstorm with other investors.

3 Free Online Real Estate Investing Resources

investing social networks11 Investing Discussion Groups

Our real estate investing groups and discussion forums allow real estate investors to chat and share information. Participate in our group forums that cover the gamut of real estate topics including how to get started, rehabbing, landlording, lease options, financing, and many more.

investing-terms-glossary421 Real Estate Terms

Real estate business and investing terms defined and easily sorted alphabetically. Here is a great example of a “special real estate investing term”: Alligator Property – When the cost of mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance and maintenance on a rental property is greater than the income it brings in. Leads to negative cash flow. Usually occurs when buyer overpays for a property or purchases near the max value.

REIClub Video Tip 457 Real Estate Investing Videos

Real estate investors can watch short real estate videos to get helpful investing tips and strategies. Real estate videos are listed by investing topic and author. Here is a great example: How To Bid on Hud Homes is about 5 mins in length and covers the process, key people and important terms to know when dealing with Hud Homes.

Hope that one of these free investing resources truly help you land your next deal or increase your profit margins – Happy Investing!!!!

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