comparing real estate investing markets smI and my partners invest in four different real estate investing markets thorough out the United States. Some markets are great for rentals, others perfect for rehabs and some are so HOT – properties are sold before they are listed.  Below are descriptions of the markets that we invest in from an investor’s perspective.


Indianapolis, IN:

Indy has an amazing market for rental properties.  Even though many hedge funds and investor groups have recognized that Indianapolis is the single hottest rental market in the country here in the last year, we still have a leg up on the competition.  Learning the ins and outs of a 2 million person market takes years.  Most of these funds and investor groups have only been in Indy less than a year, where we have been consistently buying at least 10 – 15 houses per month for the past 8 years.

You can tell at auction.   The combination of this HOT market and the team that we have developed over the years is making for the best investing environment we have ever seen.  Indianapolis is our biggest operation and headquarters for many reasons.  For a former California house flipper like Aaron Adams – possibly the most interesting reason is  – the low cost of entry.  Even with the market on the upswing we are buying and selling pre-rehab houses in the ranges of $25,000 – $50,000 in GOOD neighborhoods.  Indy has stable appreciation due to a constant increase in population as well as extremely high yield from cash flow.

Kansas City, MO:

KC is a similar market to Indianapolis.  Characterized by affordable housing, a booming economy and strong population growth, Kansas City investment properties have a lot to offer.  Many of the other RE funds and investor groups haven’t yet made their way to KC yet, leaving plenty of opportunity for Wholesale Houses and our clients pick up phenomenal deals.

KC offers the same low cost of entry as Indy.  For as little as $55,000 or $65,000 you can purchase a fully rehabbed property in a good, working class, “homeowner” type neighborhood.  We have partnered with KC based real estate entrepreneurs Marcus and Cara Painter to run, and grow our Wholesale Houses turnkey investing operations over there.  Just like all of our markets KC has acquisitions, property management, construction, and leasing all under one roof.

Dallas and Fort Worth, TX:

We invest in the suburbs of the Dallas metro area.  A few of our favorite neighborhoods are Mesquite, Garland, and several parts of Fort Worth.  While the cost to get into a Dallas are house is slightly higher that Indy and KC, the appreciation makes it completely worth while.

Because of the massive population growth in the DFW metro area housing prices are on the rise.  The time to get in is NOW.  Our property management company and acquisitions brokerage have been around for 5 plus years now picking up and selling investments in the DFW area.

Orlando, FL:

We have just recently moved into the fiercely competitive market of Orlando Fl.  While housing prices are relatively higher than our other markets the appreciation is too.  Everyone has heard of the ups and downs of the Florida market, well now is your time to take advantage of the big upswing happening right before our eyes.

We have identified a few neighborhoods that we are buying everything we can get our hands on.  The only draw-back to the Orlando market is the deals are scarce.  Talk with one of your Wholesale Houses representatives and see if there is any Orlando properties available when you are ready to buy.  If there is, I would suggest taking one while you can!

Real Estate Investment Portfolios

We recommend to investors and our clients that they do a good mix of all the markets.  Some like certain cities more, depending on your appetite for Cash flow, appreciation, equity, or whatever it is that you like.  So be ready to pull the trigger if you find an investment or real estate deal that will be prefect for your investing goals.

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