free-real-estate-investor-trainingThere is very little competition in the area of creative real estate investing unlike the regular or traditional scene.  We strive at REIClub to be a premier real estate investor site on the web that freely teaches real estate investors how to be successful at creative real estate investing with free training tips, tool and resources. What do I mean?  Let me explain what traditional vs. creative real estate investing entails first. (If your in a hurry-  download links are located at the bottom of the article for the free investing training audios) 

Traditional Investing, you…

  • Buy investment properties listed on the MLS/Zillow/Trulia
  • Negotiate deals based on price.
  • Find deals by working with a real estate agent.
  • Buy foreclosures at the foreclosure auction sale.
  • Buy properties from wholesalers.
  • Make tons of offers to get a few accepted.
  • Offers get outbid/Enter bid war
  • Offer earnest money/down payments.
  • Apply for mortgage bank loans.
  • Constantly looks at deals – on the web & in person.

Creative Investing, you…

  • Has little or no competition.
  • Find deals by marketing for motivated sellers.
  • Get to the deals before anyone else knows about them.
  • Work with sellers directly without agents involved in the purchase.
  • Zero or low earnest money/down payment
  • Negotiate deals based on terms, price or both.
  • Buy properties with owner financing/Sub 2
  • Make several offers on the same property.
  • Use transactional funding, hard and private money.
  • Rarely look at properties unless to get it under contract.

Both have barriers to entry; creative investing requires significant education whereas traditional investing requires money and/or the ability to borrow money.

The biggest challenge to creative investing is acquiring the knowledge and current techniques. The biggest challenge to traditional investing is getting access to the money. We have a solution that solves both of these problems.

5 REIClub FREE Creative Investing Audios

Fast Cash Wholesaling Houses

Probate Investing

Lease Option

Getting Private Money

Draft Your Own Dream Team

We have created some invaluable learning tools to have in your real estate investing arsenal. I highly recommend you check out our free audio training files created for investors to take it up to the next level.  Immediate downloads are sent straight to your inbox!

Step 1: Click on the Topic Link

Step 2: Enter Email + Passcode = freejuly

Step 3:  Review/Skip Additional Information

Step 4: Confirmation Message:  Please Check you Inbox in a few minutes for an email  files we are sending with the Subject Line…”Here’s the Link to Download Your Lease XXX Files…” 

There is no limit to the number of Creative Investing Training Audios you can download. Pick the one or all 5 for that matter that interest you. One of the neat things is that you can listen to them in the car, while you work out, or perhaps even while mowing the yard 🙂

Best of Luck Investing!


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