5-things-you-need-to-do-to-your-atlanta-rental-property-every-yearYou have spent much time and resources on your rental property investment. Just because you do not reside in your rental property does not mean you should ignore its needs. As Atlanta property managers, we want to remind you, that your property is an investment and part of your livelihood. If it is not maintained, it may be difficult to keep a tenant – and a happy one, at that.

Weather, outdoor debris, and normal wear and tear can begin to weaken parts of the home over time. Some of these struggling areas may not be clearly visible, but that does not mean they don’t need attention. Being proactive with maintenance repairs can reduce cost or eliminate the need for major overhauls of deteriorated space in the future.

Whether you choose to do the work yourself or if you hire a property management company that has a maintenance staff, here are five things that you must do to your rental property every year to avoid big problems in the future:

Clean the Gutters

Gutters are responsible for guiding water away from your home’s foundation. Throughout the year, much debris, such as leaves, small branches, and dirt, falls into your gutters to rest. And, over time, this debris turns into a thick layer of muck that can clog your gutters and halt the flow of water. Unfortunately, without being able to flow freely, the water will create puddles around your home, jeopardizing the foundation.

As a property manager in Atlanta, I know first hand last thing you want to encounter is a home with foundation issues. This could lead to costly repairs and could render the home uninhabitable until the project is completed.

Pressure Wash the Property

Rooming House real estate investingPressure washing your property can keep mold and mildew at bay and keep the home looking fresh. Weather conditions throughout the year can wreak havoc on your home – leaving behind unsightly stains. It may not seem like a serious problem now, but keeping up with pressure washing annually can reduce the need for tougher or impossible cleaning jobs down the road.  Don’t forget to pressure wash both the house and the sidewalks, walkway, and driveway.

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Stain the Deck

Over time, dirt, leaves, and other debris can cause stains and markings to appear and damage the finish on your stained deck. Before staining, start with a broom to sweep away sand and leaves. Then, using a deck cleaner, make sure to scrub the entire surface area. Make sure to get the debris between the wood slats and around the hardware. Ignoring the needs of the deck can lead to more than unsightly outdoor space – it can become a safety hazard as the wood become weaker and more brittle. This could lead to a tragedy that an Atlanta property management company does not want to face. Maintaining your deck each year will reduce the risk of warped and damaged wood and lead to a long life of safe outdoor enjoyment for your tenants!

Repair Rotted Wood on the Exterior

Wood on a home is vulnerable. During rainy season and the hot Atlanta summers, exterior wood found on your home can begin to rot. Rotting wood can lead to an unsightly – and dangerous – mess. But, if caught early, repairing rotting wood is a fairly simple job. Make sure to scope out the entire property. Look for areas that appear to have sitting water, areas that are not completely level or look distorted, as well as areas that may appear to have discoloration. Pressing the wood in these areas with your fingers, or the head of a tool, will allow you to feel if the wood is soft and rotted. If so, it needs attention!

Check, Repair & Replace

Whether made of siding, stone, or brick, homes need to be checked to make sure they are sealed and protected from all sorts of weather conditions. Canvassing the home, look at the entire exterior, focusing on areas near windows and edges, or areas that are prone to water. Make sure to repair or replace exterior with even the slightest damage, as the harmed area will continue to grow and lead to bigger problems down the road.

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Landlords-vs-Tenants-Who-is-Responsible-for-Maintenance5 Things You Need to do to Your Rental Property Every Year

Sometimes it is easier to push smaller projects aside and handle them later – especially those repairs that seem overwhelming. However, taking care of the maintenance of your property can reduce the risk for serious problems in the future and as a property management company in Atlanta, who often handles those projects for investors – who know too well that regular maintenance will  alleviate the need for you spend extra time and effort on your investment. Our job is to let you focus on life, not manage small projects.

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