real estate investingWhat exactly we do different that makes us so successful as Wholesalers? We pay attention to our clients – BUYERS. Specializing in the “cash flow investing” in terms of running it as a wholesale business is quite easy. Here are 5 reasons that we do so much business and have so many repeat investors that we do deals with.

1. We own all properties we sell. Most wholesalers don’t even own the properties they are selling.  They either have them under contract or have them listed like a realtor. We are invested in the properties and have no problem with owning them ourselves. We simply don’t have enough capital to own them all.

2.  We provide budgets on our deals from contractors who are ready to start rehabbing immediately.  Most wholesalers will give you a general idea of how much work a property needs but it is usually very optimistic and there is no contractor that is “on the hook” to do the work.  Our properties come with realistic budgets that account for potential problems but are still lean and “rental grade”.   You never want to over rehab a rental property or under rehab a flip deal.

3.  We lease and manage your properties after they are bought. We even have realtors on staff if you need to sell down the road. Most wholesalers want to get rid of there inventory and be done.  We take responsibility for every property that we sell.  If a property has an issue we have a team member that is there to address it.  If there is an investor that would like to avoid the issues that come with a wholesale deal… then we have turnkey properties as well.  Lots of investors prefer to buy turnkey properties for immediate cash flow and 100% predictability.

4.  We deal with individual retirement accounts in an effort to save our investors tax money.  If you have ever tried to purchase a property from a wholesaler or a bank with an IRA you know its not exactly an easy thing to do.  Because our company has complete control and ownership of our deals it makes it a lot easier to buy a property using an IRA.  We even inform, educate and walk our clients through the process.  We’ve already done the research to find the biggest, best and cheapest IRA custodians out there.

5.  We give away as much education as possible in an effort to raise your awareness of how you can use real estate to improve your life.  There are so many ways to get involved with real estate investing.

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