Selling is a major part of your Real Estate business. I mean think about it, you are always “selling” in one form or another.

You may be selling property owners on letting you buy. You might be selling your lenders on lending you cash, selling your buyers, selling your

You should always have top Realtors as part of your selling team but don’t rely totally on them. Work with Realtors who have a true marketing plan which should include a heavy internet presence.

Let’s say you are trying to sell a single family rehab which you have just closed escrow.

1. First and foremost know your market – Find out for yourself who your buyer is. What is the average income, what is important to your buyer, how big is the buyer pool, what are the sales rates in your area. It is up to you to find all this information and the good news is you do most of it online.

2. Get a sign in the front yard right from day one – One of the best forms of marketing is still one of the oldest and simplest. A good Yard sign will help sell your property and develop future leads for your buyers list.

3. Work your Buyers list – You should constantly be communicating with your buyers list in one way or another, adding new prospects and updating. Prioritize your list into A, B and C prospects. “A” buyers are ready to buy Today.” B” buyers are looking to buy in the next 3 – 6 months and “C” are those that will eventually make a move but are just not ready at this time. It is extremely important build your list and also to have investors on this list. These are folks you may sell to by making one phone call.

4. Always be Selling – You may have heard the old sales adage “always be closing” well I say “always be selling” In your day to day activities with meetings with bankers, contractors, kids, running errands, out to dinner, Just keep in mind that everyone you meet may want what you are selling. You may be able to fill a need for them but you have to be looking for an opportunity to find it. Always carry business cards and be ready to pass them out.

5. Develop a Sales Presentation – You should know your product well enough to speak about it and be able to sell it to anyone at anytime. You never know when an opportunity will present itself and you need to be ready.

6. Educate – Attend seminars, workshops or take classes on selling. Listen to CD’s while in your car. Watch and learn from those around you. You can learn the most from the people who are trying to sell you.  

Selling can really be fun and once you get more comfortable with the process the more sales you will make. The best way to begin is to start taking a more active role in the selling process. You will make more sales. Realtors are still your best source for getting property sold however there will be times when you will find yourself in front of a real prospect. When the time comes be ready and make the sale. It is a great feeling!

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