real estate investing success tips There’s been a lot of talk about real estate investing success and the steps everyone should take to ensure they reach their goals.

What real estate gurus hardly ever talk about is the mindset you should have when reaching for your real estate goals. I would like to share with you investors my personal six tips of real estate investing success.

Tip #1: “Master Your Fear”

Let’s face it, real estate is a tough and competitive industry. Most people fear that they might not make it, they might lose all the time and money they have invested or simply fear the unknown. I have coached many students whose fear was “putting themselves out there”.

Many people don’t realize that when starting out in real estate, the most important step to achieving success is mindset. You have to have the right mindset to overcome your fears. Taking the first step is the most critical part of achieving any real success, not only in real estate but also in life.

When you master your fears and put yourself out there, then you will succeed as a real estate investor.

Tip #2: Relationships Are Everything

trust dont trust tenants investingSir Richard Branson knows that the key to success is RELATIONSHIPS! Believe it or not, what you know in real estate investing isn’t as valuable as who you know. You have to form a relationship with the right private money lender who will invest in your real estate project: you have to form a relationship with the right real estate broker, the right contractor, etc. Relationships are everything in this business.

To ensure that these relationships work for you, you need to:

  • Be honest,
  • Be ethical,
  • Do follow ups,
  • Keep your word
  • Do what you say

Tip #3: Focus On Your Strengths

What kind of real estate investing is suitable for you? If you can answer this question then you have found your strength. If you do not already know, try listing your core competencies, figure out your personality, your personal situation and your finances.

I like quick profit real estate that’s constantly changing and fast moving. Buy-and-hold real estate investing isn’t my cup of tea so I prefer house flipping.

Tip #4: The 10, 000 Hour Rule

If you think there is such a thing as “overnight success” in real estate investing, then I’m afraid you are sailing in the wrong boat. Stay away from those “get rich quick in real estate” guys because if you are a newbie in this business, you can’t achieve unbelievable financial success unless you are extremely lucky.

In his book, Outliers, Gladwell talks about how the Beatles spent their nights rocking away in dingy clubs in Hamburg, Germany for nearly two years before they became an “overnight success” in America.

They were paid the bare minimum, they slept in a van that was their transport to and from clubs and worse, their fans never appreciated them. At one point, they were so broke that they couldn’t afford a motel room so they had to sleep on top of each other in the back of their van.

They had played over 1, 200 gigs by the time they reached America. Moral of the story?

You need to work hard day and night if you hope to achieve real estate investing success. Putting in 10, 000 hours will give you experience in real estate as well as help you make a few bucks.

Tip #5: Giver’s Gain

Imagine this. You are freezing in your house and the heat hasn’t kicked in yet. You decide to get up and light a fire in the fireplace. So you walk over to the fire place and say “give me some heat”. Nothing happens, right?

You need to stack some firewood, some rolls of newspaper and light it up with a match. The point here is, unless you heat the fireplace, the house won’t get any heat.

Same case applies in real estate. If you want to succeed, you have to figure out what you can give to others before you can take anything from them.

Business Networking International has thousands of local chapters throughout Canada and U.S.A and they base their entire success on the “giver’s gain” principle. I highly recommend that you join this community and start networking.

Tip #6: Never Stop Learning

here is a real estate investing tipYou can never know everything; there’s always something new to learn. Successful people are always learning new skills and keeping up with new trends in their industries.

If you want to be a successful real estate investor, you need to start doing your own education. Find a mentor. Buy some real estate investing CDs, listen to audio programs and podcasts. Try as much as possible to constantly improve yourself.

So there you have it, the six tips of real estate investing success. This is not an exhaustive list and there are certainly many more tips and successful tricks of real estate investing. I’d love to hear your opinion. Leave a comment below.


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