I had the pleasure of interviewing on my radio show Michael Anderson, Founder and Co-Owner of RealSource.net who told me on the air, “a recession is a terrible thing to waste.” As I quizzed him further about his statement I quickly realized why he was being remarkable with his words: once in a lifetime opportunities – FDIC distressed assets — exist right now for investors with IRA funds, cash or equity. And, unlike the past when the RTC scandal and S&L fiasco resulted in investment opportunities for the ‘inner circle,’ today’s FDIC assets are securable for any level of investor – beginner, intermediate and advanced – with connections.

Listen, if these assets weren’t a great opportunity, then why would the bank lobbies themselves be fighting on Capitol Hill to allow their members (the banks) to buy the assets themselves.

I urge you to take advantage of this fundamental transformation taking place in real estate. Get off the sidelines and onto the playing field.

You should not wait no longer for the market to bottom out. It has, and savvy investors — from niche entrepreneurial investors to huge bond fund managers — are eyeing the increasingly troubled commercial real estate market as a goldmine.

What do you need to do today to be prepared to take advantage of these ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities? Interview and partner with a team that features active market participants who have all the players working on your behalf – successful bidders, due diligence experts, lender relationships, property managers, construction and facility advisors, etc.

Be the 1% who act — not the 99% of investors who 3-to-5 years from now will say, “I wish I would have moved forward, gotten off the fence, listened to Peter’s advice, etc., etc., etc.”

Invest well (meaning, act on this now!)

Peace.Invest well

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