The fastest moving growth market for real estate investing is the area of short term rentals.  It’s becoming more popular because of the popularity of the listing site Airbnb. Some of you may have remembered when I shared with you guys in the blog post,  Successfully Investing in Short Term Airbnb Rentals , what a short term rental was and how & why this form of investing is making it easier  for investors to be able to charge higher rates and still keep vacancies at a minimum.

I’m happy to share my experiences with short term rentals with  anyone who may be looking for an alternate way of investing their time and money outside of the usual tenant model.

Short Term Rental Business

Investing Strategy

I have my own strategy on how I make money during both my high and low seasons.  I’m happy to share my strategies that I revealed during this podcast.  I was asked specific questions so that I have in fact I revealed my strategy.  I’m happy to share my  ideas and strategies with the REIClub members. Here’s a video training clip from an interview I did where I shared my investing strategy on short term rentals:

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