800 investing apartmentsYou may want to throw a brick through your TV.

But don’t do it!

Because there’s a LOT to learn from calling the 800 number for those amazing vegetable choppers, the super sealers, the never-have-to-sharpen knife sets, the1-ton glues, the incredible drill bits, and the mightiest vacuum cleaners on the face of the earth.

And you get it all for $19.99!!

BUT WAIT…if you call the #800 in the next 10 minutes, we’ll throw in a Porsche or a Lamborghini as an extra bonus!

And the big lesson?

You’d SWEAR they’re losing money.

But they know their numbers down to the smallest fraction.

So they know how far they can “GO NEGATIVE.”

They can actually LOSE money on the front end, because they know they can make it up on the follow up. It’s smart business.

Which is not exactly like our “appreciation strategy” for investment real estate, but there are some similarities.

Because we know our numbers down to the last penny.

48 unit apartment investingJust like the current 48-unit property on Jacolyn Drive in NW Cedar Rapids. The initial cash flow return is calculated to be a modest 8.3%…which isn’t like winning the lottery, but it’s one HECK of a lot better that 10-Year T-Notes that are still under 2 percent.

But the strategy for this apartment complex is NOT to make the flashy, immediate cash flow returns.

It’s the BIG appreciation when we sell, because we’re investing some of the cash flow back into the property
for more profits down the road.

It’s the success principle of NOT killing the goose to get the golden eggs…but feeding and nurturing a bit to get a LOT more eggs, and a couple more geese, to boot!

I consistently work on investment real estate projects similar to the The Jacolyn property and recommend to anyone that wants to REALLY improve their investment situation, that they switch their focus to upcoming properties such as this.

Because they are coming!

So don’t delay if you understand the value of the appreciation strategy.

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