Has there ever been a time in America’s great history when its economy was strong, and her real estate market was weak? Or, vice versa? There’s no denying that the U.S. economy needs a strong real estate market to pull it out of its economic doldrums.Americans, with most of its wealth built in real estate, are relying on this marketplace to rebound, and rebound sooner rather than later.

As our government and industry association leaders work their collective magic trying to figure out how to best bring about the changes necessary to prime the real estate market, the rest of us must also take part and be accountable to our actions. Ultimately, whether you are a blogger, presenter, consultant, lender, REALTOR, agent, broker, appraiser, attorney, transaction partner, etc., now more than ever is the time to be accountable for your decisions as they relate to the American real estate owner, investor, and first-time buyer.

Bottom line: It’s time to use the “Mother Rule” in all of our real estate deliberations. Here’s how it works. It’s quite simple. If you wouldn’t recommend it to ‘Mom,’ then don’t suggest it. If ‘Mom’ can’t afford the payments, nor can your customer. If the investment doesn’t fit ‘Mom’s’ portfolio, and the client is in a similar position, then advise against the purchase, and find something to make ‘Mom’ happy (wealthier). Simplistic, absolutely. But, wonder with me what Bernie Madoff would have done if ‘Mom’ was constantly at his side. Do you think the ‘Madoff Scheme’ would have replaced ‘Ponzi?’ Would Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld continue to lavish himself at the expense of one-time employees and our tax dollars if his ‘Mom’ controlled his decision-making and finances? To be fair to women everywhere, there could be ladies who have this type of horrifying greed and desire for power, but our history is littered with white men accused of, and then jailed (or found dead) for these mind-boggling crimes against humanity. If only they applied the simple “Mom Rule.’

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