Do you remember the story of Rip Van Winkle?  As we listened to the story as a child we thought that it was impossible for anyone to sleep away twenty years of their life…waking up one day to discover that everything  had changed.

Now that we are adults we can look at this story in a different way. What if the story is telling us that we are doing the same thing in our real estate investing  lives ?  We may not have been sitting under a tree sleeping but we are allowing the valuable time we are given each day to slip away as we are “overwhelmed by the numbing effects of everyday living”.

As real estate investors, we  found ourselves waking up to a world that had been turned upside down  in 2008.  Everything that was familiar in our real estate world was out of balance.  Real estate values dropped, the market was flooded with foreclosures, financing had gone on vacation, and selling houses was more challenging.

As we adjust to the changes, it is important to avoid  the Rip Van Winkle syndrome that allows the negative opinions on the economy and real estate investing  to cast us into hibernation.  We put ourselves in neutral and choose to wait until the market improves .  Fear and doubt  prevent us from  investing in the education we need to understand what successful investors are using in the  current market to purchase properties and make money.   Just like Rip Van Winkle, one day we will find ourselves reflecting on ” what could have been”…realizing that we simply allowed endless investment opportunities to slip by.

Rip Van Winkle has a powerful message .

  • Seize the moment and proceed with passion. Take advantage of sound real estate opportunities, follow your instincts and dare to take chances. The rewards will be great. Years from now we will look back on the market as it existed in 2010 and see clearly the opportunities that are available to us .
  • Take action immediately to create the life of your dreams.  Expect to find opportunities.  The real estate market is a fertile environment for investor’s seeking excellent deals and motivated sellers.  Participate in your local Real Estate Investor’s Association to acquire the latest education, network with other investors, seek out and evaluate good deals and take action.
  • Create powerful goals.  It is critical that you put together your investment plan based on short term and  long term goals .  It should be focused on  your financial needs and your plan of action.  Be sure to measure your  progress on a regular basis.  The results will only be as powerful as the goals you set.

* Fill your life with joy and gratitude and share your blessings with others.   Always practice creating an environment where the seller wins.  Make the deal about the seller.  Yes …we want to make money, but the real deal is about creating a fair and agreeable solution the buyer’s problem.

Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about living in the “Now, Here”. Why wait to enjoy all the blessings and rewards life has to offer? Success  in real estate investing comes  from “thinking outside the box” and from daring to be different.  Successful investors do what most others will not so they can create all that they desire. Create your success now.

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