No, not physically healthy, but financially healthy… well, do you feel fit? If you answered “yes,” then you are like a majority of Americans who noted their financial health was improving.

According to results of a recent research study conducted for M&T Bank, nearly 80 percent of consumers in a national telephone survey of 1,000 randomly selected adults reported having little-to-no debt or a “comfortable” level of debt — while only 12 percent of those surveyed by GfK Custom Research North America reported having “more debt than is comfortable” and only 8 percent “have too much debt and have trouble paying bills.”  Looks like the message of controlling debt and pay bills is resonating.

The survey did also note, however, that while consumers are feeling comfortable with their own debt levels, they are a little less upbeat on the health of the economy. A full 50 percent said they think the U.S. economy is “still in a recession.” That figure is down just 6 percentage points from 10 months ago when 56 percent of consumers said the economy is “still in recession” in a similar survey conducted for M&T Bank.

You know what else? If you are blessed to have cash, equity, IRA funds or private money, opportunities to amass wealth in real estate. Get in. Don’t kick yourself years from now (our collective asses hurt from the last two cycles we missed out on).

Invest well. Peace.

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