So here we are another New Year is upon us.  A time for most people to make New Year’s Resolutions.  Resolutions that few will actually keep.  They’ll stick to the diet for a few weeks at best, hit the gym for even less time, and many will actually give up smoking (for the 10th time).

Besides the resolutions listed above, another very popular resolution is to stop being a slave for a paycheck, and to get a better job, or somehow make more money.  Most people decide they “want” to make more money, but very few actually devise a plan or even a means by which to accomplish this.  Yet, while they are basically clueless as to how they plan to make more money, they will constantly pick up the newspaper and see an article having to do with the real estate market.  They will turn on the TV and here on the news how the market is either going up, or going down.  Every day they will drive by countless homes for sale, never realizing that some of those are owned by small investors, who are getting ready to make tens of thousands of dollars on that one purchase, while they drive off to work to earn a paycheck.

Let this be the year you stop letting a better life slip you by.  This year, is the year to stop letting success slip through your hands.  Commit to reading a book, attending a seminar, getting that real estate or other money making program you saw on TV, and not just half halfheartedly read through it.  Really commit to learning it, and most importantly – Put it into Action!

Most people are inspired to change their lives either through inspiration or desperation.  What’s driving you?

Happy Investing!

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