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Anger is such a strong emotional force. Many of us are familiar with the emotion of Anger being a destructive-force; from raising our blood pressure to fighting wars against our enemies, anger has caused much destruction and devastation globally. However when anger is focused and harnessed into taking constructive action to positively change your life the results can be just as trans-formative.

Many of the real estate investor-clients I work with confide that they want a change. Most newbie investors want to quit their jobs, work their own flexible schedule, and make enough passive income to support themselves and their families. Above all other emotions I listen for anger in a new investor’s voice.

  • Anger at themselves for being “lazy” in the past
  • Anger for allowing themselves to be held back from any negative words directed at them by others
  • Anger that he or she has to trade time for money at a traditional 9-5 job
  • Anger at themselves for not taking action sooner

I am certainly not talking about blind anger or rage – and for practical purposes anger should be limited to small moments of time to allow for acknowledgement and positive action to be taken. Allowing for too much anger will leave you often times in a stalled, stagnant, and confused state.

By far the highest percentage of successful investors I have helped have been angry and at a low-point with regards to their real estate investments and actions. Starting today you may choose to begin using anger as a catalyst to propel you to create realistic monthly goals and start implementing correct daily-action.

Below is a small list of people and things to help you get angry and create change…

Family and friends: Do not allow family members and friends to belittle your real estate dreams and positive spirits. Often times while trying to take care of us, our loved ones have a way of projecting their own goals, fears, and weaknesses onto you. This ill-placed advice from a person you respect can have huge damaging effects to your forward progress and the overall health of your business. When this happens stay firm to your goal of learning enough about real estate investing to make these people eat their words.

Naysayers that offer no help: Similar to family members naysayers plant negative seeds in your brain making you think possibly that you are inept, that real estate is “dead”, that mobile homes won’t make any money, etc.

** In the beginning of your career it is important to have faith and soak yourself in education about your local market and REI in general**

Main stream media and Guru’s: Whether it is the local News telling you that real estate is at an all-time low or House-Flipping shows telling you the market couldn’t be better – turn it off and tune it out. Depending on how gullible you are it is important to make your own conclusions rather than to blindly take the opinions of others [with ulterior motives of selling ratings or products].

You are the Investigator and it is your job to dig deep enough to find out the real estate investing facts from investors actively investing in your local market right now. Find, sign-up and attend your next Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) club meeting or Real Estate Investor’s group now.

Your inner-self: If you are like me then perhaps your worst enemy is yourself. If you suffer from negative and self-defeating thoughts please understand that they are most likely not accurate. The lens through which you see the world has been created overtime and you are likely missing the key to release you from the rut you find yourself. With that said you will grow leaps-and-bounds faster with help than without. Invest time into reading self-help books, real estate investing blogs, and biographies of people you admire. Do this daily and socialize with like minded people.

Other seasoned R/E investors and professionals: Caution: Do not get angry at other investors or real estate professionals that bad mouth the local economy and real estate market. These folks likely know something you don’t so listen to their reasoning, ask for other active investors’ opinions, do some research online and make your own informed decision.

Even after a decade of real estate investing I push myself to get Angry with the limited-progress I have made. The reason I am angry with myself is because I know I could have accomplished more with the time I am given, however I like to watch TV and socialize with friends more than I probably should. I am angry with negative-minded investors because I see the limiting-beliefs stopping them dead in their tracks and I understand that with enough inner momentum anyone can change their current status in life. I see it happen every month when a new investor invests in their first successful real estate transaction in years… or ever.

Get angry. Get focused. Make a difference.


Do what you love daily,

John Fedro

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