“If you nurture your mind, body, and spirit, your time will expand. You will gain a new perspective that will allow you to accomplish much more.” Brian Koslow

I recently received an email from Dustin Mathews about his 100 Day Results Challenge with the quote above, by the way, I encourage you to check it out on his fan page.
The gist of his email was that your “nurturing a winning mindset is up to you.” He also went on to talk about “ways to nurture a positive attitude as entrepreneurs” and real estate investors.
Here is my personal Success Testimony: I noticed better results in my overall life experiences and investing ventures when I started taken care of me first. In addition, my efforts and efficiency in getting things done greatly improved.
5 Easy Steps To a New You & Becoming a Better Real Estate Investor
1. Jumpstart Your Body & Mind — Start with these two simple things first thing every morning. Drink a glass of water to fuel your cells. Moving around or do some exercise for about 15 – 30 mins. Walking, jumping jacks, riding a bike, sit-ups, push-ups, gym circuit – it does not have to be strenuous, expensive or complicated.
Exercising or simply waking up your joints and major muscle groups does “wonders for your physical health, plus have significant upsides for your mental health too “, shared Dustin in his challenge email.
On a side note – I recently lost 15 pounds and when my tenants noticed, they said I inspired them to started a small ladies walking group twice a week.
2. Start Each Day With a Plan – I make sure I write down no more than 3 – 5 things or small goals for the day that I would like or need to accomplish. If I don’t my focus will be all over the place or interruptions will rob be of my attention. It really helps when I do this the night before or right before I leave the office for the day.
3. Seek Help Or Advice – Tell your self that you do not know everything, cannot do everything and definitely cannot be at two places at the same time. Real Estate Investors love to and network. I make it a point to always connect with other investors to find out how business in going and learn some of their best investing tips.

4. Rest & Sleep – Just do it! Learn to say “no” or “that can wait”. Many years ago I was reading the Jason Bourne Books by R. Ludlum he has a self-preserving mantra that I adopted – “Rest is a Weapon”. I say this to my self daily to make sure I grab a 15 min zen moment during long days or tuck my self into bed by 11pm.

5. Declutter Your Environment – Make sure your work space is organized or at least organized for you to accomplish your goals. We are not talking OCD here – lol. Turn off your cell phone and email when you need to focus. BTW, those negative friends and co-workers need to be shown the door or at least given the hand.

Now, I’m no Donald Trump or nearly as successful as some of our popular real estate gurus – but I do what I can when I can and – and get paid just the same.

I really noticed a difference in my work production and real estate investing deals when I took care of me first. I’ve become a sharper, more efficient real estate investor and actually have more time to spend with the kids doing fun things.

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