Wow, what a week it’s been with such an exciting and tight race for the Best Real Estate Investing Blog Contest participants. Every one of these Real Estate Bloggers shares their passion about real estate investing with each blog post in hopes of helping along the next fellow real estate investor.

Now I know the suspense is killing you….

And the Winners are? Drum Roll Please…..

Best Real Estate Investing Blogs (Individual)

gold1The Investor Insights – Susan Lassiter-Lyons
Susan Lassiter-LyonsFirst, I want to say how extraordinarily honored I am to be voted the 2011 Best Individual Real Estate Investing Blog! We work hard each week to bring awesome content to our readers and it feels so good to know that you like us! You really like us!And most of all thank YOU, the readers, for participating and taking time to vote. This entire experience has been a blast and I promise that we will take excellent care of the Best Blog Award, display it proudly and be ready to pass it to the most deserving real estate investing blog in 2012!  Susan Lassiter-Lyons – The Investor Insights

silver2House Flipping Blog – Tom Tarrant
Tom TarrantThank You to all of my supporters that came out and voted for the blog. REIClub, thanks for letting me participate!
Tom Tarrant – House Flipping Blog

bronze3Short Sale Fundamentals -Cory Boatright
Cory BoatrightThanks a million to you guys & my voters who selected my blog as one of the Top Real Estate Investing Blogs!
Cory Boatright – Short Sale Fundamentals

Best Real Estate Investing Blogs (Multi-Author)

gold1Bigger Pockets Blog – Josh Dorkin
Josh DorkinWe strive to provide top quality content for the real estate community via the BiggerPockets Blog and this contest validates that we’re accomplishing that task. Big thanks to everyone who supported us, and to those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to check us out, welcome!
                                   Josh Dorkin CEO –

silver2REIClub Blog – Tim Randle
Tim RandleFirst, thank you to all the Featured Contributors who provide quality content for our blog readers every single week. Second, thank you to all our blog readers, especially those who share our content with their friends and family on a daily basis. Lastly, thank you to all of those who voted for our blog. REIClub is honored to be selected as one of the top real estate investing blogs on the internet.      Tim Randle – REIClub Real Estate Blog

Best Real Estate Investing Blogs (Up & Coming)

gold1Flipping Junkie – Danny Johnson
Danny JohnsonThank you very much for the nomination and to everybody that cast a vote for This is incredible! The blog is really just getting started and already I feel like we’ve provided something unique, beneficial, and entertaining. It’s been hard for me to open up my business and share all of my experiences and I’m glad that so many are finding it useful and interesting. Thank you all for keeping me accountable and for following along. I truly appreciate it.  Danny Johnson –

silver2Struggling Investor – Scott Costello
Scott CostelloThis has been a great week, I closed my first deal ever and was recognized by a community of investors that I owe so much too. Thanks for giving me the privileged of being in this contest and thanks for all your votes.
Scott Costello – Struggling Investor

bronze3REI Millions – Althea Robinson
Althea RobinsonWhether you are a newbie or seasoned investor, REIClub is the place that brings together all the pieces of the puzzle in your real estate ventures. It’s a major housing source of well versed professionals who contribute and obtain the vital information that is necessary to take your real estate journey to the next level. Glad to know my supporters find my investing tips, articles, blogs and training that is all under one “virtual roof” priceless! What more can I say, I LOVE YOU!       Althea Robinson – REI Millions


1ST Place Winners received a $250 Gift Card to Apple Store or Amazon, Plus They Received Ten (10) REIClub Expert Interview Sets ($40 each) to Give Away

To the Real Estate Bloggers in the Best Real Estate Investing Blog Contest –
REIClub & Your Supporters Thank You!

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