What is branding and how can it work for business owners? How can effective branding help businesses reach out to the tech-savvy Generation X?

Brand Advertising is essentially the process of making the public aware of a particular brand, so that consumers will continue to buy it. With that being said, it has changed drastically since the start of the 21st century.

The start of this era began when technology came into play and declared its importance. Digital and online advertising are important in this new era because mostly everyone nowadays is in front of a computer screen for endless amounts of the day.

Real Estate Investing & Branding

investing in rentalsFor Real Estate Owners, what is your brand saying about you and your business?  How are you standing out against your competition and how unique is your brand?

This new era is a multi-tab browsing, multi-screen viewing, and multi-task distraction generation, and for the ones that weren’t born in the new era – they have a hard time adapting to that.

The rules are simple, all you need to do is: define your brands direction, remap your brand, and keep on track (your brand needs to be trusted, relevant, essential).

The reason you need to know where your brand is headed because the new era wants something straightforward, they don’t want to have subliminal messages. Create a story with your brand, such as Apple and Nike. There’s a story behind it.

On the topic of digital advertising it drives with word-of-mouth. Tweeting, facebooking and using social media to tell others what a great product it is.

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It is said that 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family and now in the Real Estate Rental daily business,  our guests can leave recommendations or complaints publicly on public forums such as Facebook and Twitter.

That statistic is important because that means if a friend or family member runs by your ad and they like it, they’re going to tell everyone they know essentially getting you more traffic from all angles.

Traditional media is going downhill, most of the 21st-century consumers don’t watch television. Most of them simply watch Netflix or Hulu. They have other outlets to watch these shows online and they never even turn on a television in most cases. That is saying something about traditional media, there’s a few that still watch television, but even then are commercials still effective?

Personally, commercials are a time where you go and do what you need to do before the show comes back on. With the new era, you want to reach a certain audience, and digital can do that for you in many cases.

Maria Rekrut

Canadian Real Estate Investors Association

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