building wealth by changing livesToday, I want to share with you why I enjoy working with real estate investors who truly want to do some good in the world, and are prepared to use their resources to achieve that.

Real Estate investing is a very powerful and life changing experience. For me, this is not just about building wealth. This is really about changing lives.  Perhaps you are one of these investors?

Are You A Special Real Estate Investor?

Someone who truly cares about helping others in their time of need.

Someone who believes that we’re all responsible for our collective welfare.

Someone who is not just interested in great returns if it means taking advantage of a neighbor’s financial plight.

As an investor, you not only have an awesome ability to generate significant wealth for you and your family, but you also have a massive way to effect real change in the world…something the politicians and social agencies rarely achieve. You can make that difference right here, right now, in your own community.

Real Estate Investing Impacts Lives

What does it look like to a family who is about to lose their home? Can you imagine the feelings of shame in not being able to support themselves? Failure. Despair. Loss of hope. No dignified way out.

I meet these families every single day, and I can tell you the financial and social strain put on them is immense and intense. I’m not talking about those who can’t stop abusing their credit cards or frankly don’t really care about their debt load… very little can be done to help them.

But I am talking about those honest, hard-working citizens who have experienced a financial setback, and are desperately trying to get back on their feet, while at the same time no bank will renew their mortgage.

These families need time to rebuild their credit, but the bank is foreclosing on them now. If only they had a bit more time to address their debts and fix their credit, then they’d be able to keep their homes and move forward with confidence.

The banks will not give them the solution they need.

The sharks are willing to for a hefty price, which no right-minded person could accept.

There is only one person who can do it.


What Can Investors Do To Help Families?

Ywordleonewordbbdescribeou have the financial capacity to relieve their burden. I’ve done it just that. By following a proven lease option plan, like The 7-Step Lease Option Refinance Strategy, you can purchase their home and lease it back to them while they repair their credit. In return, they will pay you a decent return on your investment – averaging over 20% per year, for three years.

For the struggling homeowner, you are the miracle they have been praying for. And for you, a nice low-risk, double digit return is yours to enjoy. I encourage you to look at lease option refinancing as a way to help others out who really need a hand up.

The opportunities too do good are right here, right now.

Shall we begin?

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