Here are some techniques that will promote a positive and “win-win” situation for all involved.

-The approach: This actually starts at the beginning of your meeting with the clients, prospects when their sales resistance is at it’s highest. You offer a deal by saying “Mr prospect” , I won’t try to sell you on this property right now. But I ask that you look and listen to what I have to offer in terms of property, and my professional presents. Most people will naturally be curious and say “ok, why not?” At the end of your presentation, and them viewing the home(s) remind your prospects that they promised to tell you whether or not this would work for them.

-The Demonstration Close: Another close you set up in the beginning of your meeting. You ask a hypothetical question, such as, “if I could provide you with a few incentives and perks that would increase your property value and/or save you some money, would it be worth a few minutes of your time? The question immediately changes the subject from whether he/she will even listen to your presentation, instead, to a question of what it would be worth to the prospect for you to make good on your claim.

Because most successful salespeople, realtors, investors regards objections as just another form of selling opportunity, we want to focus on the critical role that dealing with objections plays in a achieving a successful close to your sale/deal. Every objection answered properly is a step closer to a buying/selling decision.

There are many objections that one will encounter. The best and most succesful deals will come by way of “listening”. Listen to what your prospects have to say and do not interrupt. Always compliment the prospects for raising the objection and always be pleasant, agreeable, and receptive without argument. After your response, ask if you have answered their question(s). Remember, never close the door, even if this prospect does not pan out, because you never know where they may lead you or if you might ever cross paths again.

-The invitation Close: Is one of the most effective closing techniques, and one of the simplest. As you get to the end of the presentation, without hesitation, issue the invitation; “Why don’t we submit your application and start the processing?” This straight forward approach works because it’s disarming, it’s received as if it were an invitation to a trial run rather than to a final decision. This close is based on the fundamental rule that you should never end a presentation without extending an invitation to make the buying decision at that moment. You can alter the invitation question some, such as; ” Where would you like to start?” Are`you ready to purchase now?”

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