“The greatest discovery is that if you change your attitudes your change your outer aspects of life.”

There is a really good quote from a guy by the name of Ron Legrand (you may have seen his stuff in Nightingale Conant) that sounds silly, but is very true and applicable to our businesses.

Ron says, “The less I do the more I make” and he really means many things here.

First he is talking about delegating as much of the non value things as possible to someone else and not being involved in minimum wage activities just money sucking activities.

Secondly and more importantly it is doing more work on the marketing of his business rather than the day to day functions of his business. I am going to give you a secret right now that will make you a lot more money.

The biggest complaint I hear from people is not being able to find the time to work on the marketing and implementation systems for their commercial real estate investment business.

Here is my secret to doing it. I HIDE! That’s right, I hide! I schedule a certain block of time with myself (I literally schedule it in my planner) and go somewhere OUT OF THE OFFICE and work on my business. This works!

But, in order for it to work effectively you must really schedule the time with yourself and have the discipline to keep that “appointment” and this appointment MUST be out of the office. Don’t make the appointment in the office because there are too many interruptions and temptations to not work on your business.

My favorite place is a quiet coffee shop a mile or so from my office. No interruptions, no phone calls, just concentration on the tasks at hand. Do the same and watch the results multiply!

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