12-15-14 - real estate team“I want to inspire entrepreneurs to do something a little more with their business than just making a profit.” These are the words that stuck to my mind during and after my interview with Gary Griffiths. It caught my attention because we have the same point of view. Making a profit is the main goal of every business. What you do with the profit and how you position your business are different things entirely.

Gary Griffiths is no stranger to real estate and marketing. In fact, he co-founded Three Sides Local – customized Facebook ads that are proven and tested to help attract more leads for realtors. This is the new thing, the new fad. This allows him a wide variety of options on how to position adverts online. With the advent of technology comes the comfort of being able to do things online.

Facebook & Online Advertising Mistakes

During the interview, Gary mentioned the some of the most common mistakes realtors & investors make on Facebook and online advertising. While some people would think that as long as the ad is out there, people will be aware of the listing and where to contact you – so the ad is good to go. However, most people are not aware that there are certain things that need to be considered.

One of them is to not appear lazy. Abbreviations make you appear lazy. Although this is a rising fad wherein texts are  abbreviated and posts and comments are shortened, this does not mix well with business. This is one of the things that Gary pointed out and is one of the things that I actually learned during our interview.

sm red arrowWhen people perceive you as lazy, they wouldn’t want to conduct business with you as they will already think that if you are too lazy to type, what more if you were asked to do something that involves more than typing?

Generic advertisements or adverts without target markets are also sure ways to fail in this endeavor. If you are to make an online ad, you have to have a laser focus on the target market, otherwise, you will just be wasting your time and effort.

Mistakes Dealing with Clients

firstimpressionDuring the interview, we discussed about how investors and  real estate agents can become referable. While some agents think that the relationship they established with their clients is enough to make them referable, others do not think so.

Others would go the extra mile to leave an impression and I learned that this is the way to do it. If you want to become referable, the first thing you need to do is make a good First Impression.

Everyone knows that you only have one opportunity at this. This is why your online advertisements must be excellent, if not impressive. You must also keep in mind that throughout the course of the business transaction, you are not the only option. You must always make yourself stand out.

Building Relationships & Giving Back

but_wait_theres_more_The little trinkets that you have in your car, the souvenirs that you purchased when you went on vacation or the Starbucks Planner (make sure that it’s the current year) that you do not use can come in handy. You can give these as presents, not bribes. Just little things that will make you stand out so that when the time comes, your clients can easily tell their friends that they know an excellent person in real estate who can help them. And that person will be you.

Other people will always think about building relationships with their clients, all you need to do is go a step higher. Build relationships and be memorable. Be amazing. Go the extra mile. Then after you have established yourself and start raking in the big bucks, think about where you want to position your business, think about how you want others to perceive your company.

“Having a business at your disposal, and the resources, the people and the money that you have available, you can do so much good with it.” This is one of the few things that really caught my attention. Once you’ve already received more than what you actually need to live a comfortable life, think about giving back to the community. What goes around comes around.

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