Consumer companies around the globe are showing a surprising resilience and guarded optimism about prospects for growth in 2011, even amid continued market volatility and changing demographic trends, according to a new survey from KPMG International. Three-quarters of the consumer executives surveyed report that they anticipate an increase in consumer spending in their target markets and in their own companies’ financial performance in 2011 compared to 2010.  Respondents worldwide were most likely to see energy price volatility as the most enduring impact of these crises, as 51 percent of respondents anticipate a short-term impact on energy price volatility and 40 percent see a long-term impact.  [Duh!]

Elsewhere in the survey, respondents were especially likely to identify emerging markets such as Asia, India, and Latin American as strong regions for growth and that the growing consumer base and expanding middle class in emerging markets-as well as consumers’ adoption of technology-will have a positive impact on their businesses.  In North America and Europe, however, outlooks are more measured. Consumer trends in these regions point to a stronger consumer focus on savings; a heightened interest in safety, health and sustainability; lower consumption of luxury goods, and an aging population {is anyone looking into the 55+ market as the new 25+?)

Growth is happening — America for almost 2 years has been moving forward, not backwards, despite a major push to tell you otherwise. Now, if we can only get energy prices down…

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