Creative Real Estate (CRE) Investing Opportunities are everywhere, some good, some not so good, the idea is to work with someone you can trust, with integrity, and has proven CRE excellence or THE CCIM, A Certified Commercial investment member – who has the education, networking and technology tools to help you find the right opportunity, priced right AND in the right location in this cluttered market space.

According to Frank N. Simpson, 2011 President of the CCIM Institute, and president of The Simpson Company, a full-service commercial real estate firm in Atlanta and Gainesville, Georgia, who appeared on my radio show, today’s slow, continued growth is healthy for the Real Estate Industry and the economy.

While the industry enjoyed exuberance in values and transactions in 2006 and 2007, those numbers are unsustainable today and slow and steady is best for this market cycle.  I’m sure you have heard of the the old adage, “Slow & Steady Wins the Race”?

Another good sign is local banker/lenders are again calling CRE brokers… that’s good news for investors, owners, bankers  and CRE professionals — a critical sign that liquidity is entering the market place yet again, especially for owner-occupied product — spec buyers and developers you may be waiting a bit longer.

The stage is set for further gains in investment activity in all of the nation’s markets in 2011. My advice: if you are an owner, investor or end user looking to maximize your money, partner with a CCIM, most major corporations do, so should you.

As a reminder – if you want to invest WELL in this market space – don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

The millionaires of tomorrow are those who invest WELL today – and if needed, I have no problem helping  you reach that goal with so many of the value investing opportunities that exist in today’s market.

Invest well. Peace.

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