06-27-14 - rei-text-message-advertisingWhy Create a Text Messaging list for Potential Tenants?

Landlords all over this great country of ours are consistently looking for the next tenant to fill their next vacancy. The problem in this process is that too often a lot of leads are not utilized. Only one family can live in a single family home at a time, or to my knowledge-  lol.

What happens to the potential clients that call our ads, call our signs, and come to our showings, but don’t become the next tenant for 1023 Main Street? So how do you capitalize on the remaining leads? My answer to this problem is to create your own text marketing system.

I will share with you my own personal 6-Step Text Message Marketing Plan that I use in my Landlording and leasing real estate investing business. The first 3 steps are covered in Part 1

How To Setup Text Message Advertising For Rentals

 4.)    People will not be part of your list forever.  Sorry!  Leads unfortunately come and go so always be willing to remove contacts from your group. People’s contact information will change and people will rent someone else’s home. Never be afraid to send disgruntled members of your group the following text: “Would you like me to take you off our list.” This shows that you are not desperate and are not looking to text spam, but to let people know about available homes and services. When they requested to be removed simply take them off the list, and send them a text similar to the following: “You are now off our list. If you know of anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent a home please let us know. Visit us on the web at www.jphomesinvestment.com” You are then done with that contact and have not violated any rules regarding solicitation.

5.)    Continue Advertising. Continue with your advertising plan, not every home you have for rent will be rented by an individual on your text list. The text messaging list is a source of leads, but should never be your only option when advertising your rental properties. When a  current tenant is in the process of moving out of a home I am placing back on the market I often begin my normal advertising campaign about a week or a week and a half before they move. However, when the home is vacant the advertising plan begins the minute the home becomes vacant. Always remember a potential tenant waits for no landlord.

 6.)    Constantly build your list.   Finally, constantly add and build on to your text marketing list. The list is a very useful tool and can be used for various groups. There are several groups you can have listed in your cell phone including buyers, renters, wholesalers, and investors looking to buy cash deals. Calling all these people would be very difficult and time consuming. Calling one hundred people could take hours, but texting one hundred people would only take minutes. Your clients are busy people. Texting your clients help to get your point across in a timely and effective manner. So don’t forget to get those thumbs texting, LOL!

As always thanks for reading and successful investing.

Jarnell Porter

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