Having a vision and goals means having a road map, and knowing where you want to go before you get there. A vague notion of wanting to be wealthy and successful is not sufficient to the true businessperson.

You’ll need to envision:

  1. HOW wealthy you want to be,
  2. WHEN you’re going to get there,
  3. WHAT your business is going to be like in the near future,
  4. HOW you will make it the kind of business you want, and
  5. WHO will be part of it.

Then plan and take action accordingly. Of course, writing your vision and goals down is essential, and you can do that on a single sheet of paper.

The problem is…where are you going to store your vision and goals where you will remember to review them? Ideas could be:

  • On your bathroom mirror
  • On the wall right beside your computer
  • In a folder, file, or binder, but with some kind of reminder (like Outlook or Google Calendar) of when it’s time to pull it out and plan with it. Trust me, if there’s no reminder it will sit there for months or more untouched.

Spelling out these specifics and fixing them in your mind is what will separate you from the amateurs. I recommend planning monthly and evaluating your progress towards your goals. It could be a simple 15-minute planning meeting.

And if that seems like too much trouble, then tell me how you find time to watch “So You Think You Can Dance?” when it comes on at regular intervals, right on time.

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