When you first get started in Real Estate Investing it can get overwhelming trying to absorb all of the new information you are introduced to. And even after you’ve been doing it awhile, you will constantly need to keep up with new techniques, new rules and regulations and the changing of the markets.

Here is a simple idea – Enroll in your own iPod Real Estate University.

What is “iPod Real Estate University”?

It is where you learn and reenforce new techniques, investing strategies and get pumped with motivation. The best part of this – YOU create your own course curriculum!

Load up your iTunes with the latest REIClub “IRA Interviews Series“, Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” , Stephen Covey’s “Highly Effective People” or the audio version of one of the latest real estate training coursed you most recently purchased. Bottom line is you can chart your own course to succeed at real estate investing.

My grandmother used to say, “you are what you eat“. Suffice it to say in modern day terms – “garbage in garbage out”–so start off with a winning hand by stacking the deck in your favor.

Your iPod is a powerful tool if used wisely. iPod Real Estate University can be customized to fit any schedule, education level, investor level and you can even get it in different colors, lol.

The cost is super cheap, in some cases, really close to free. You can get a iPod or knock off mp3 players for less than a cost of a special dinner with your spouse.  iTunes has many podcasts you can download for free and many of the real estate courses and training webinars almost always includes a audio version that you can sync up with you most recent playlist.

Here is a Tip for people who study at home: You are less likely to be disturbed with ear buds in your ears as opposed to being interrupted while on phone, or watching a training video at your computer. Last but not least, you can always lock your self in the bathroom if time and space are tight.

4 Steps to Enrolling in iPod Real Estate University

  1. Get a iPod or inexpensive mp3 player at your local Best Buy or Wal-mart.
  2. Set-up and connect your iPod to your computer and iTunes
  3. Load your iPod with at least three different learning subjects- motivation, a real estate course, a how-to training technique, etc..
  4. Attend & listen daily or when most convenient while- working out, cooking in the kitchen, cleaning, sitting at a coffee shop, or eating lunch at office

Good Luck, Good Investing and Good Virtual Learning!

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