Is perception reality? Open a newspaper, turn on a radio or TV, or connect to the Internet and the news of the day as it relates to real estate investing seems to change almost as fast as Olympian Usain Bolt running a 100-yard dash. Is it a buyers market? A sellers market? What about financing, does anyone have a chance of securing a loan?

If you believe what you have read, heard or watched, the answers can make you feel a bit schizophrenic, with experts providing facts, figures and statistics that claim to support, or evidence, answers from both sides of the real estate investing spectrum. Is an opportunity really an opportunity in this marketplace or will you be buying real estate at .45 cents on the dollar when its true value is .37? Can you refinance at lower interest rates? Is real estate still the best investment one can make?

Real estate, if purchased “well,” is the single best investment one can make. That’s how, as host, I open IncomePropertyInvestmentTalk, a weekly, Internet-based radio show. I believe that to be true. My experience has also taught me, having worked with, and for, commercial and residential REALTORS since 1992, that to be successful in real estate investing you need to develop relationships with the very best, in-class professionals. Companies like, Chicago Deferred Exchange Company, and Sperry Van Ness, for example, and practitioners with the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) designation next to their name, are proven leaders in their respective disciplines. These are the professionals who have a proven track record of getting to know you, understand your portfolio, your risk tolerance and they are the ones, through their unique business models, who have the relationships, as well, with other brokers, lenders, 1031 accommodators, property managers, etc. – all those transaction partners and affiliates who you will need, and rely on, to be better real estate investors.

If you are suffering from investor schizophrenia, or have cash, equity and IRA funds dwindling, or are left holding assets without exit strategies based on current economic conditions, now, more than ever, it is vitally important to reach out and partner with the very best in the business. Form relationships with companiea dn individuals like those I mentioned prior; those that can – and will — help you be better real estate investors.

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