This story ends with my having a net worth of millions of dollars, an annual income in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the liberty to do what I want when I  want. When this story began twenty plus years ago, I had nothing but fear and low self-esteem on which to build a future. Doubts plagued me. I worried about pleasing my boss and keeping my job.

So how did an ordinary guy like me end up with a portfolio consisting of hundreds of rental units and a cash flow that’s more like a cash torrent? How did I become a mini-mogul, enjoying freedom and self-confidence? I would love to share the details with you because I believe you too can accomplish what I did.

Making money as a real estate investor is not unusual. Thousands of people representing all the diversity humanity has to offer have done well in real estate. My lessons came from the streets. My motivation was strong: I yearned to escape the poverty my parents had suffered. I made a commitment to be independent of other people’s decisions, especially those that could affect my financial well-being.

To become a mini-mogul and beyond, you have to believe you can attain the real estate dream and then take action. I’ll show you what action, so you won’t waste time and money with missteps and miscalculations. Until the next blog…..

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