06-16-14 - never-quitI’ve learned most of these the hard way over the last 15 years of Wholesaling and Flipping houses… These are the 4 things that can derail your real estate efforts and keep you from achieving the success that you deserve.

1) Trying to be an Expert at Everything

Don’t try to be a jack of all trades. Pick your niche and stick with it. If you spread yourself too thin across too many sectors of real estate, you won’t become a master of any of those strategies. More importantly, you won’t reach the level of success that you know you can.  Master one strategy before moving onto the next!

2) Having Unrealistic or Unspecific goals 

If you don’t have achievable goals, you will become discouraged and burn out fast. If you don’t have specific goals, you have no road map to get you where you are going. Find someone with proven success and pattern your goals after them. Don’t try to be a lone wolf and don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Discover what is possible, set specific benchmarks for your business, then implement.

3) Laziness

Bottom line, whether you are in the start-up phase of your business, or a seasoned veteran who has become complacent, laziness has no part in a successful business. I’m too tired to write anything more about this one….

4) Listening to the Wrong People

In every market, there is someone who will tell you it’s the best time ever to invest and someone who will tell you it’s the worst. Your success will be determined by who gets in your head.  Surround your self with the right people, shut out the naysayers, and put the right information in your head to counteract the negativity.

If you are actively working to grow a successful real estate business, you will most certainly hit  your share of obstacles.

Don’t Quit. 

At some point in the next few months somebody  is going to tell you that you can’t succeed.

Don’t Quit.

At times you may feel like you are spinning your  wheels and not seeing results as quickly  as you would like.

Don’t Quit. 

You make feel like everyone is having success except you.

Don’t Quit. Never-Give-Up-real estate investing

Those who succeed in Real Estate Investing are the ones who are able to break through the obstacles,  overcome the negativity, and ignore the naysayers.  So how do you do that? By associating with the right people and  putting the right things in your head.

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