contructioncontract_andrewsHere is a FREE COPY of a standard construction contract template (editable form) that we start with before starting any new project with a contractor. Working with contractors can make or break your rental cash flow, rehab or flip house investment deal. Use this Contractor Contract to manage your contractors and handymen on all your rehab deals.

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Did you know that – some Banks and Hard Money Lenders often require investors to have one if a major rehab is to take place before a construction bank loan or private rehab loan is issued? Did you also know for some projects your insurance company may require or prefer you have one?

This form is great for Landlords, Rehabbers and Fix & Flip investors.


contruction contract form file_andrews

When working with contractors, handymen, remodelers and even some professional home remodeling companies you should always get things in writing and have a contract between all parties involved. At a minimum it should detail the scope of work, the time frame, cost & payment arrangements and all parties involved.
“What gets measured, get’s results”.
This is a model document for use in renovation or construction loan transactions. This form is provided as an example and is not valid and enforceable in all jurisdictions. Lenders should consult with legal counsel to ensure that all forms used to originate renovation or construction mortgages are appropriate, and that all legal instruments are completed correctly and in compliance with applicable law.

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