reisuccessFinding success in 2016 – No matter your circumstances in life  you can achieve your real estate investing goals as early as by the end of this week.

No matter your age, race, education, background or current level of success – if you practice the skills of becoming a discount home buyer, doing real estate deals creatively and investing with Other People’s Money – you can shorten your path to success! One of the quickest ways to profit from real estate investing is to wholesale/quick turn/flip a property. REIClub’s mission is to to help real estate investors….read on….free forms located further down in blog.

Successful Real Estate Investing Transaction

Real Estate Investing in my mind is quite simple and can get boiled down to 3 things:

  1. Finding the deal
  2. Negotiating the deal
  3. Closing the deal.

So many new and even experienced investors always say, “If I had someone to provide me training, coaching and help along the way I could avoid many mistakes or take advantage of more deals”. Well REIClub wants to set you up with 2 of the most important forms or guides to help  you get your deal flow on ;).

reisuccess2Typical Investor Scenario – So you are on Zillow and Cragislist everyday looking for below market properties, fixer uppers, distressed owners and home and properties that have been on the market long. Let’s say you find 1 -3 potential deals. What do you do? What should you do? Contact the Seller or the Agent and get more information. That simple – send in a reply or email to the ad and also give a call to any listed numbers. Here is a FREE – MOTIVATED SELLER FORM to use to collect all the information you will need to assess whether or not it is truly a potential real estate investment deal.

Nothing happens in Real Estate Investing until someone makes an offer. Then there are only three possible outcomes to expect from a Seller: Rejection – Counter Offer – Offer Acceptance.

successloadingA Real Estate Investing transaction really begins with an offer. An investor uses an offer to persuade a seller to sell at the buyer’s (investor’s) price and on the buyer’s (investor’s) terms rather than on the seller’s terms. It is through the real estate offer to buy that the investor begins to take control of the deal. It is through the offer to buy that the investor lays the foundation for the contract, a contract of the investor’s design. Here is a FREE – DEAL OFFER FORM you can use to begin to lock in terms you may have discussed via email or over the phone.

Offer Tip ===> Let the seller know you plan to wholesale the deal and give yourself enough time to find a buyer or back out of the deal in agreement of terms/offer form.

Last thing about making real estate offers and submitting a contract – you must be able to make a profit or there is no point in purchasing the property. Make sure your bottom line purchase price “locks in your real estate investment profits”. Alternatively, if you are paying close to current market value for a property, but the area is renting for more than the amount of the payment you will be making, you have the potential for positive cash flow. Either way you should clearly see the end BEFORE you submit your contract offer to purchase a potential investment property. **Be sure to use a Title Company to finalize and to properly get your deals recorded, funded and paid.**

Wishing you all the real estate investing success you can handle in 2016!

Disclaimers: Forms are examples and always best to seek advice of an real estate attorney in your area prior to using.

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