The economy grew more and will continue to grow — can you imagine how the economy would be growing if we had jobs behind it? The President wants to focus on “innovation. Historically innovation is the Fed’s role — history does prove that — whatever, let’s forget the future. The future is now. GREEN is where the jobs are… I digress. Back to the NABE…

That’s the message from a recent report from The National Association for Business Economics (NABE), the professional association for those who use economics in their work with 2,300 members and 31 chapters nationwide. NABE panelists revised their projections for economic growth in 2011 upward from their November projections. Real GDP is expected to grow at a moderate pace of roughly 3.5 percent through the current year and into 2012,” said NABE President Richard Wobbekind, associate dean of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado. “Factors supporting growth going forward include pent-up consumer and business demand, strong growth in foreign economies, especially those in Asia, and accommodative monetary policy.

Panelists do remain confident about the expansion’s durability, but are concerned about high levels of government deficits and debt, excessive unemployment, and rising commodity prices.”

The NABE Outlook also revised its growth predictions for 2011 upward and projects continued moderate economic growth through 2012.

Jobs and growth… sounds good, right? Let’s hope it happens and we can get leadership moving forward on jobs and growth rather than the 2012 election.

Invest well. Peace.

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