Ever ran across a deal and wonder what a good offer would be or what the values of a home in a particular area may be so you can complete your rehab estimate?  You no longer need to have a Real Estate Agent look up recently solds data, house values  or comparables (comps).

There are so many easy, fast and free online tools that a real estate investor can use to find the value of a property.   It can be as simple as entering a property address into a form and nano seconds later you have  a report.

Should note that the accuracy is not always down to the penny, but it is excellent in helping an investor determine an approximate value range without using a real estate broker or appraiser.

10 Free Real Estate Comparable & Value Report Sites

  1. Cyberhomes – http://www.cyberhomes.com/
  2. Domania – http://www.domania.com/
  3. Eppraisal – http://www.eppraisal.com/
  4. Home Smart Reports – http://www.homesmartreports.com/
  5. LoopNet – http://www.loopnet.com
  6. Property Shark – http://www.propertyshark.com/
  7. Real Estate ABC – http://www.realestateabc.com/
  8. RealQuest  –  http://www.realquest.com/
  9. Realtor.com – http://www.realtor.com/
  10. Zillow.com – http://www.zillow.com/

This is not an explicit endorsement of the above sites, but just wanted real estate investors to know that they don’t have to bug their real estate agent all time and have options for getting data that they need to help them make an educated real estate investing decision.

I’ve used many of these sites at one point or another within the past 3 years for making real estate wholesale offers, setting up rehab estimated budgets, assessing property values for long term buy and holds as well as to check for foreclosure and short sale status for certain neighborhoods.

Now before you get angry, let me say this – you may have to provide your email or contact info in exchange for the real estate comparables or values report. And another thing, often their bells and whistles reports require a membership or a nominal fee.

So the next time you are searching Craigslist.com or MLS.com in the middle of the night and think you found a good deal, you can jump on one of the above sites to get a free quick and easy property values and comparables report to you can if to submit a offer or just keep it moving.

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