Does not matter if you’ve done a deal or two or twenty – SERIOUSLY – we want to hear about your real estate investing success. All you have to do is leave a comment below about a deal you’ve closed or currently working on. Please share the details with us & other investors. Help inspire all investors.

What Exactly Is Considered A Real Estate Investing Success Story?

Maybe you’ve completed a Wholesale deal and made $5K.  Perhaps you just became a Landlord with a new rental; or an investor working on a Foreclosure deal; in the middle of a Rehab project you got for pennies; meet with your first Seller to present an offer, overcame an investing hurdle or fear,  or any other investing achievement that makes you feel like a rock star – we are interested.

Every month features Investors on our Real Estate Investing Success Stories page on our website.  Investors – JUST LIKE YOU – share about the deals that they’ve closed, deals they are currently working on or even in one case they talked about a new investing strategy that tht-ey learned that helped them get to the next level in their investing.

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Feature Tip:  Please include as many details and specifics as possible. Items you could include: experience level, expected or actual profit, how you found the deal, acquisition/financing method, how it was funded, what went right, what went wrong, what you learned, exit strategies, etc.

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