real estate investingHow do you feel when your computer is disconnected from the Internet? Frustrated? Stressed? Disconnected with the outside world? When we live our lives from the perspective of our ego, that is as a mind-centered being, it is much the same experience. We are frustrated, stressed and disconnected.

Think about it like this. Your computer has stuff on the hard drive that you can access even when you are not on the Internet. But this information had to be assembled or created by you as an individual. And although it is important, it is probably not the main reason you use your computer. You use your computer to communicate with the outside world–to tap into the collective experience of life that is expressed as the many different websites and social networks.

If you can only access your individual hard drive, then you are missing the total experience. You start wondering what others might have on their hard drive that you don’t. You feel frustration and stress from your separateness. Using your computer is a much richer experience when it is online. You are able to find information more easily and keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on.

Meditation offers you a connection just like the Internet. You might tap into the collective consciousness we all share. You may gain a broader perspective of your life and a greater understanding of humanity’s role as a whole. You might see your frustration and stress wane as you connect to this deeper place within yourself. You could lose your sense of being disconnected.

Meditation opens you up to the information you already carry in your body, the energy flowing through it and your subconscious mind. You are very intimate with your environment and communicate on a far deeper level than just your senses. One example of this is your breath. With your breath you are taking in the external molecules and internalizing them. Many of the molecules you breathe in have been around through the centuries and have been breathed by generations of our ancestors. Those same molecules that were once inside their bodies are now in yours. Think of the history and information contained in one breath. Think of what this information could be telling you.

By accessing this broadband connection, rather than using only the slower sense-to-brain connection, you could find that you have all the information you need. Maybe you don’t need to add to the hard drive of your personal experiences to gain what you seek. Maybe you just need a better connection to the collective experiences of humanity.

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