If your frustrated with the lack of opportunities that have not come your way, why not create one? Success is never an accident. It typically starts as imagination, becomes a dream, stimulates a goal, grows into a plan of action-which then inevitably meets with opportunity. Here are a few tips to move from stuck to satisfied.

1-Eighty five percent of the process of finding an authentic fit for your career comes from looking inward. We often put the cart before the horse by searching out the hottest business opportunities without doing a reality check to make sure they’re right for us.

2-Trust your passion. Don’t be deterred because you’ve been told your idea is not realistic or practical. Passion drives success in unusual ventures.

3-Create a clear plan of action. Passion or enthusiasm alone is not enough. You need a strategy and a timeline.

4-Don’t look back. Confidence, enthusiasm and boldness overtake those negative emotions as you become clear about what you are moving toward.

5-Commit to one year of focused action without looking back. If you are serious about your future set goals, stay focused and passionate. You can succeed and overcome any and all obstacles that may come your way.

*God Speed*

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