12-09-14 - first apartmentYou probably would not be surprised if I told you that a large amount of my time is dealing with investors looking to invest in their FIRST good investment real estate opportunity.

Either as a sole investor in the property or as one of my investment partners. The reality of this is this apartment investment that they are going to make is really their most important investment.

Whether they are investing $200,000 or $20,000 it IS THE MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT.

How so?

This first apartment investment established what I call the “BASE” to grow your wealth and from this first apartment can come many things.

For example. I have an investment group that purchased a 30 unit property a couple of years ago for $500,000. Some of the investors that are involved in this property are FIRST TIMERS.

Today, the property has a value of around $760,000+. Of course this is good news but what this DOES do is it not only gives those FIRST TIME investors a nice return and cash flow it now allows them to grow their investment even more.

How so?

We refinanced this apartment property recently and purchased more properties like this one and in two years’ time have another apartment property giving us the same kind of benefits as the FIRST ONE did.

But don’t miss the point here. It all started and was all possible BECAUSE of the first one.

That is why the first one is so important because this ONE INVESTMENT could launch many investors into multiple properties with multiple returns and cash flows.

Not only that the FIRST INVESTMENT really gives you a good sense of just how all this works, what is REALLY involved and whether you would want to do this again or even recommend others to do this too.

Today I will have locked up two such IDEAL FIRST INVESTMENTS.

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