Home ImprovementNeed to sell a property fast but not sure which home improvements make sense due to time constraints? Start by walking through the house and visualizing buyers’ reactions. Would something make them pause, frown, or shake their head “no”? If so, repair or replace the source of this negative reaction. Below are the five areas we recommend improving for a quick sale.

1. Curb appeal – Let’s face it, no one wants to buy an ugly home. If a house isn’t visually appealing from the curb, buyers may never even make it across the threshold to see what else the home may offer. Get the front yard in shape, replace worn screens, give the house a fresh coat of paint, and add a splash of color with flowering plants.

2. Floors – Worn carpets and floors draw attention to themselves and instantly plant a seed of concern into the minds of buyers. Avoid this issue completely by replacing, or at least cleaning, carpeting and floors. This can also resolve other potential issues such as smoke or pet odors as well as dramatically improve the space visually.

3. Doors, appliances, and electrical and plumbing fixtures – Pay attention to details such as doors that don’t close properly, rusty hardware, light switches that don’t work, and plumbing fixtures. The goal is to comply with current building codes and ensure that everything is in working order and in “move in” condition.

4. Neutral paint colors – The previous owner may have adored her lime green bedroom walls and purple dining room, but buyers may be turned off. Neutral paint is cheap, and it makes a big impact in how the home is perceived by potential buyers.

5. Kitchen and bathroom fixes – Fix or replace faucets and light fixtures. Make sure all light bulbs work and put out the same color of light. Depending on the age, condition, or style, consider replacing countertops and appliances.

By focusing on the five areas buyers care about the most, you can prevent negative reactions and encourage a positive response. Instead of shaking their heads “no,” potential buyers will be more likely to nod “yes.”

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