“Everything you hear, see, touch, taste, smell or sense in any way is an aspect of divinity. It is when you judge it to be something else that it shows up as something else in your life.  Therefore, judge not, and neither condemn.”
– Neale Donald Walsch

Here are the three most powerful words you can use.  I recommend you incorporate them into your daily vocabulary… like now.

1. Appreciation
Appreciation is equal to love.  And love is the most powerful choice you can ever make.  It’s been said that every thought, word and deed comes from either love or fear.  And, if you choose love every time, you’ll have a magnificent life.  Try it…

Oh, and love is a choice, not an emotion.

2. Gratitude
It’s also been said that the most powerful prayers are prayers of gratitude, as if what you are asking for is a foregone conclusion… and you are simply saying thank you.  Expressing gratitude for some- thing before you have it is true faith.

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3. Abundance
Abundance is what I’m after… not money.  Money can come and go.  Did Mother Theresa have a lot of money?  No.  In fact, she had none.  She took a vow of poverty in order to align herself with the people she was caring for.  But, she had a world of abundance and resources.  She could travel the world without spending a dime.  And, she raised more money for her cause than any of us will probably see in our lifetime.

Abundance.  It’s everywhere.

So, look around, right now, and take inventory of the amazing amount of abundance in your life.  Abundance comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes – love, money, freedom, possessions, happiness, joy and much, much more.

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Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro

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