real estate investing“To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” – Bertrand Russell

Awhile back, I received a great questions from a lady named Donna.  Here it is:

“Maestro, I literally freeze at thinking of talking with sellers.  I don’t know why.  I am not this way.  I mean serious anxiety.  Is there general sentences to say to break the ice?”

Great question!  Here is what you do…

One, don’t feel bad about your anxiety.  We all feel fear at some point in our lives.  If it’s a fear that doesn’t cause any issues for you, I wouldn’t even bother con-fronting it.  For example, I have a small fear of heights.  Don’t know how I got it.  Don’t care.  It doesn’t affect my life one bit.  If, at some point in my life, my happiness, joy, marriage and/or income depends on me jumping out of a plane, then maybe I’ll address it.  Until then… I can live with it.

If a fear stands in the way of accomplishing a goal or desire, however, it’s a hurdle that needs to be conquered.

You’re fearful because you want to do well.  You want to be a great negotiator.  You want to flip houses and make money.  And, you’re fearful because you’re afraid of making a mistake.  So, to address the latter,  simply change your perspective.  Adopt the “there are no mistakes” motto, like I did awhile back.

No mistakes in life.

I don’t care what happened, what you missed out on or what the consequences were.  You didn’t make a mistake.  You simply gave yourself the opportunity to grow, expand and increase.

Mistakes are now learning experiences.  And, instead of fearing them, you are grateful and appreciative.

And, in addition, understand that you are the expert.  The seller needs you.  You don’t need him.  And, this is your business.  You dictate what happens.

Now that we’ve gotten the mental part out, we can address the verbal.  One great way to break the ice is to get the other person talking… quick.  And, the best way to do that is to ask the seller one question:

“Why do you need to sell your house?”

That will get them talking and take the pressure off of you for a bit.  Depending on their situation, they could be talking for awhile.  Good.  Let them talk.  The more they talk, the more advantageous to you.

So, to recap, there is no need to fear making a mistake because they don’t exist.  Two, you are the expert.  And three, kick the conversation off by asking the seller a question and getting them talking.

Apply these steps… and watch the anxiety disappear.

Now get out there and flip something!


Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro

Housing values are rising again… and fast!  This is exactly how it was during the boom… when you could flip one house… and take the rest of the year off!

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