real estate investingFeel your way, little by little, into a greater sense of abundance, by looking for the treasures that the universe is offering you on a day-to-day basis.”
– Abraham (via Esther Hicks)

“Maestro, please tell my why 95% of well meaning people, who buy course after course, and attend bootcamps and pay for coaching… STILL CANNOT pull the trigger and actually DO any viable real estate investing?”

What an amazing question!  One, I’m sure, that has gone through your head, time and time again.

Here is your answer:


Now get out there an flip something!

The Maestro

OK, so I’m just kidding.  You know The Maestro wouldn’t leave you hanging like that, right?

I’ll elaborate.

It’s been said that every idea, word and deed comes from one of two places… love or fear.  And, if you can choose love in every case, you will live a magnificent life.  I agree.  And this applies to everything… including flipping houses.

First, make sure you love what you do.  I can’t think of a more key ingredient to success than this.  Love your work or suffer the consequences.  If you don’t, you’re just working for a paycheck, and you’ll do just enough to keep from getting fired.

Most people get into flipping houses not because they love real estate, or one of the components involved in flipping houses, but because they think they can make a lot of money in it.

Tip: You can make a crap ton of money in just about anything these days.

You can invest your money into businesses and make it work for you.  But, if you’re going to be hands-on, you better love it.

Now, let me get back to what I started talking about at the beginning.  Fear.  Fear keeps you in the deadly cycle of information-collecting.  Fear takes you to every bootcamp.  And fear buys every product you see, hoping just one will be the holy grail you’ve been looking for.

You fear mistakes.

You fear setbacks.

You fear looking stupid by saying the wrong things.

You fear failure.

You fear success.

I started my wholesaling business without ever attending a house flipping bootcamp, studying a course or reading a book.  I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad… and I hired someone to teach me to do it.

That’s it.

Singular focus.  Decide what you desire most and then either make it happen or hire someone to teach you to do it.  That’s all you need to do.  And, if you hire the right person, he’ll give you his step- by-step blueprint to success.  Then, all you need to do is replicate it.

Good luck!

Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro

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