free-real-estate-investor-trainingNo matter your background, education or current level of success, if you master the skills of becoming a discount home buyer, leveraging real estate creatively and investing with Other People’s Money you can short cut your path to success bit time!  

One thing I personally missed when I first started investing back in the mid- 2000’s was a Real Estate Mentor.  I had no training and no clue whatsoever.  We bought a duplex, did not have capital for the fix up, had no property management systems in place and you can guess how this turned out for us!  Not good!  After attending a local  landlord REIA meeting in 2008 – they hipped me to and all of their great real estate investor resources.

Getting FREE Help With Real Estate Investing offers tons of free, useful, creative and smartly organized real estate investing training and disccusion groups. Here are the Top 5 Real Estate Investor Resources we offer:

  1. Real Estate Investing Discussion Forums

    • Our real estate online chat groups & discussion forums allow real estate investors to connect and share information. We have experience mentors that monitor and cover the gamut of real estate topics including how to get started, deal analysis, landlording, financing, and help with many more real estate related matters.
  2. Hard Money Lenders

    • National list that helps find hard money lenders in your area that offer investor hard money loans to help finance your next real estate investment.
  3. Real Estate Investing Videos

    • Watch 24/7 real estate videos to get helpful investing tips and strategies. Real estate videos are listed by investing topic and author.
  4. Real Estate Investing Articles

    • Topics include creative real estate investing, wholesaling, commercial real estate, working with hard money lenders, IRA investing, landlording, lease option investing, mobile homes, investing using owner financing, rehabbing, tax liens, 1031 exchanges, asset protection, and more.
  5. Free Investing Books, Audios

    • We like to call this the FREEBIE page. Constantly being updated with the latest free real estate investor training, our free books, audios, podcasts, national partner offers and investor market reports.

I want to wish all of you real estate investors SUCCESS with your very next investment deal. If for any reason you have questions about a deal or want to run by other investors – just jump into one of our real estate chat groups that are smartly organized by topic and even area.

Happy Investing!

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