Happy New Year! with a new year here and many goals being written down and thought about. Now is the time to really put those into action not just on paper. When we were kids, we thought we could write down everything we wanted and mail it to Santa and then, magically, all our desires would appear. When we grew up, we realized there wasn’t really a big jolly guy and no one was coming down the chimney. We found out a real person had to go out and sacrifice, earn the money, march through malls, and bring home the gifts and wrap.

I think many people still believe in Santa Clause. You cannot just write down your wants and needs for the new year and stick them in a drawer for the rest of the year and expect them to be realized. Most people know how to write down their goals, but very few know how to achieve them. I would like to help you move from goal-setting, rainbow-chasing, wishing upon a star and lamp-rubbing to achieving actual results in the areas of your life in which you dedicate yourself.

WARNING: Achievement requires, work, dedication, discipline and maybe even some heartache and sacrifice with a stiffened spine.

CAUSE:The cause of all your problems in not being able achieve your goals is, here it comes… “YOU”! Whatever you want to change, your marriage, financial situation, weight, job, etc… you’ll never achieve lasting change until “you” change. Once you improve, everything else around you will improve. You don’t get in life what you want, you get in life what you are. It’s your “self worth” that allows you the level of success you so desire. I once heard it stated this way..” The biggest challenge you will endeavor in your life is the 6 inches between your ears”. Once we take responsibility for all of our actions and the positions in our current life, we can then move forward with achieving our set goals and creating a life we are meant to have.

Here is how it works, let’s say my goal is to earn an additional $100,000 next year. The question is not, what is going to make me $100,000 next year? The question is, who do I need t become to earn an additional $100,000?

I am earning an extra $100,000 in income this year.
Question: Who do I have to become to achieve this?
Answer: I am a smart, confident and effective leader. I seek and cultivate the strength and greatness in everyone around me. I am a discipline master of time efficiency. I focus solely on high pay-off and high productivity actions. I surround myself with peers and mentors who elevate my expectations and prod me to rise to greater levels of discipline, commitment, and achievement.

ACTION: So now that you have determined who you have to be in order to accomplish your goals, you have to go out and “ACT” upon those goals. Figure out how this elevated person operates. How does this person show up in the world? If you are unsure, or lack the vision, find a mentor to emulate. Someone who has already achieved similar levels of success in the areas you are attempting.

Create A Strategic Plan: Whether you know it or not, you are a multimillion-dollar enterprise. That is how much you will actually earn in a lifetime, or how much you could earn. Any multimillion dollar business needs a comprehensive business plan and well designed strategic plan of action.  To do business without one, is simply certain for disaster. Stay focused and passionate about your beliefs and goals and continue to progress and educate yourself in the areas related to your dreams.

God Speed

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