family_excursion_tripThe expression “going through the motions” epitomizes the way we sometimes think about our jobs, our relationships – in fact, our whole lives. We get trained like monkeys to do things certain ways until we reach the point where we can do them without thinking. This is great efficiency, but what does it do to our human-ness?

Countless thinkers and artists have raised the idea that we have become automatons… slaves to our menial tasks.

Is this all there is? Is this what we are destined to become?

We Stop Being Human
When We Stop Caring

When we stop caring, we stop being human. Perhaps going through the motions helps production efficiency in the world of fast food burgers or cheap stuff at the department store, but this does nothing to promote or enhance our creative talents and abilities.

When we stop caring, the human element in everything is seriously reduced or even eliminated. We rely on objective software programs to remove the emotion from insurance claims, for example… we can’t have the customer’s sad story affect our decisions. And the decision becomes not one of actually helping each other; rather, it becomes one of reducing costs, maximizing profits, and increasing efficiency. We see this in all industries, in all walks of life, at all levels.

But it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when doctors did make house calls and people made your lunch with care. There was pride in workmanship, in getting the job done right. Definitely not just going through the motions.

What happened?

Change “Going Through The Motions” to Something New…

I think that in our quest for ever more efficiency, we have focused on removing the human element from the process. We humans, after all, are not always efficient. We get sick, we sympathize with our clients; we have good days and bad days. And as a result, for a process engineer or an efficiency expert, we are the problem.

However, the homeowner who is about to lose his home because he couldn’t make a couple of mortgage payments, doesn’t care about efficiency.

He needs help. He needs YOUR help. As an investor, you can offer a refinance solution that takes into account who the homeowner is, what his family is like, how hard he works.

As an investor, you are in a position to earn outstanding returns – in the neighborhood of 20% + per annum. And you can earn these returns while helping an honest, hard-working family keep their home.

Why all this focus on you?

Because you can help a struggling homeowner get back on their financial feet. Not because you’re a charity, but because you can earn great returns with minimal risk.

If there was ever an opportunity for a human connection to move us away from being mindless automatons, well, this is it.

As an investor, you truly are in a unique position to change the lives of a family in need. And if you need a hand along the way, I can help you find those homeowners in need, or brokers, or help you through the 7-Step Lease Option Refinance Strategy.

If this is something you can get behind, then shall we begin today?

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