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Let’s call him John B. I met him at a conference last month. He was excited and making plans when I met him. You see, he’d just found his dream vacation destination. He’d spent more than a year looking, and found it on his first day at the conference. Better yet, his vacation home will have everything he wants…and it comes in under his budget.

John B. has a list of “wants” for his vacation home. He’ll spend the winter months there once he retires in a couple of years, and wants his family and friends to come and stay. So he wants somewhere that is easy to get to. He wants warm seas and great beaches, where he can dive, snorkel and swim. He wants fun and entertainment on his doorstep. He’d like some rental income when he’s not there. But he needs financing…

He got all of those things (and more), and is now planning a trip to check out this dreamy destination in person. So can you. But more on that in a moment…

Here’s what got John B. so excited about the location of his vacation home:

  1. It’s close to the U.S. From Miami it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to fly to the international airport (or 2 hours 18 minutes from Houston, or 3 hours 55 minutes from New York). From the airport, it’s a 90-minute drive on a fast paved highway to this gorgeous location. Lots of airlines fly to the main airport, and that means low ticket prices. When I checked flight costs in the next 4 weeks, they started from $239.
  2. It’s got stunning sugar-sand beaches, a huge coral reef, and the most turquoise of seas. It’s postcard-worthy, and a setting that you’ll never tire of.
  3. There’s a lot to do. Jazz, music and dance festivals…golf…hip clubs and shows…water parks, historic ruins…spas, restaurants, cafes and shopping…yoga and meditation…and the beach and water sports (of course).
  4. The infrastructure is already in. John B.’s home is unusual. It’s not built yet. But it’s in a five-star resort, and that resort has already spent more than $100 million on infrastructure. It shows. The resort boasts a signature 27-hole golf course and clubhouse, paved streets and sidewalks, underground utilities, cafes and bars and restaurants, gym, swimming pools and spa, and immaculately landscaped grounds. You’re not gambling on any of this. You can already see it and touch it. That’s a huge plus.
  5. It’s affordable. John B. is taking advantage of developer financing. He will make monthly payments on his new home of just $800 a month.

If you’re wondering just where this place is, it’ll surprise you as much as it did John B. It’s on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. John B. had scratched Mexico off his shortlist a few years back. That’s because he didn’t know Mexico had a location like this, with the neon-blue Caribbean Sea fringed by a carpet of cool white sand. He’s excited about the possibility of owning here, and can’t wait for his chill trip that we arranged for him to get to know the area more.

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