Thinking Ahead: High-Speed Rail in Southern California, a new report released by the Center for Urban Infrastructure, states that the California High-Speed Rail Project, which will ultimately link Sacramento to San Diego, will contribute a regional income benefit of $701 million to southern California workers who otherwise would have been unemployed. By 2035, high-speed rail will attract over 127,000 new permanent jobs to southern California due to the region’s increased livability and enhanced transportation network.

The report explores strategies needed to ensure that cities around the region benefit from the $2.34 billion investment made in California from federal stimulus funds, streamlining zoning and land use codes suitable for intensified development. This will allow cities to cluster their housing, retail and office space in ridership and station area developments. The majority of federal funds granted to the state will be spent in southern California for construction of a high-speed rail line from Bakersfield to Fresno.

Hmmmmmmm… if you own investment property(ies) in the suburbs of California, or are thinking about investing in CA, do you think it is wise to sell and or buy investment property(ies) along the rail line. Seems to me to be a no-brainer. Do you agree or disagree? Your thoughts?

Invest well.


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