I remember a little over a year ago I predicted that EAST Nob Hill would be the next revitalization center as businesses in Nob Hill proper recovered? Well, it has been happening this year. A development company is purchasing all the dilapidated hotels between Carlisle and Jefferson and is revitalizing that whole stretch along Central.

Sure, I like being right, but this shows the value of forward vision and buying in the dip. If you’re sitting on the fence waiting for the economy to improve [more], you’re going to miss the best and most profitable bargains. Millions will be made by the risk-takers who buy now. If you can’t buy on your own, then team up with partners and pool your money.
Is fear holding you back? Those are the guys/gals who ask a lot of questions and want to see all the due diligence docs upfront but never get around to making any offers. There’s always a reason why a deal isn’t good enough. But like my millionaire mentor in San Diego says, “You can ask questions until you’re blue in the face, but you won’t make any money if you don’t make any offers!” Now is the time to make those offers, do your homework, get all the facts, run the numbers, but “pull the trigger”.. East Albuquerque area is beginning to see the effects of this growth and other areas soon to follow. Alot of investor friends/silent partners are coming to me with alot of opportunities and I must say, some of those I have to turn away because I have my hands full.  Time has arrived, in certain areas, and if you continue to ponder and wait, you will lose out.

*God Speed*

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