In becoming the best apartment investor you can become in 2010, it involves a process. And becoming wealthy in apartment investing involves a personal self-development, character-building journey. My mentor, the late Jim Rohn, teaches that “your income will never exceed your personal development”. How true that has turned out for me and now true in the life of my 22-yr old son. It’s a process that you can’t avoid unless you quit. You, my friend, are on a process to go from a novice investor to a masterful investor.

I’d like to use a metaphor and share a story if I may. Let’s pretend you are a clump of ceramic clay okay? And that your goal is to become a masterful piece of art – a beautiful and exquisitely-painted vessel. In other words, a wealthy apartment-investing machine!

Again, you are the clump of clay to be formed or transformed by the designer, we call the potter. Here is the process you have to endure and experience to become that finely-formed or transformed clay vessel. In other words, here’s what you must go through to become rich in apartment investing and in life in more ways than one. I guarantee it! It works! Try your best to follow along okay?

Here’s the process:

1. The potter will start forming you and squashing you as your personal journey begins. You will be uncomfortable and a little confused. Isn’t that how life is when you step into personal growth and change?
2. The potter will put you onto a spinning table, spin you around, and start digging from the inside out. You will be dizzy from the spinning and personal weaknesses will start to show. Sound familiar to you?
3. Once formed into the likeness of the vessel, the potter will solidify your new formation by putting you into a fire-blazed furnace. You will be hot, very hot. The duration is unknown, not too long, but it will seem like forever to you! Have you been here before personally? Facing trials and tribulation of some sort in your life? Are you in the middle of one right now?
4. The potter will remove you from the heat and place you onto a work table. Seems like everything is okay – you’re cooling down, resting, and looking good. What a relief!
5. Just when you think you’re done – out comes the oil paint. You are painted for what seems like an eternity. And the paint is yucky, sticky, and smelly. But once done, you are looking really good now. Okay, I must be done now, finally, and ready to experience abundance!
6. Wait! No! Not again! Back in the fire-blazed furnace you go for curing of the paint, but this time at twice the heat. Yikes! At this point, you wonder how much can you take? Is this the end of me? Will it ever end? Why me? I didn’t sign up for this!? Help!!
7. Finally, out of the furnace you come. Now, look at yourself in the mirror. Wow! Incredible! I am a piece of art! I can’t believe my eyes! I made it. Thank you potter…thank you. Thank you for putting me through the whole process. There is no way I could be who I am today if I didn’t stick with the process or if I gave up. Thank you potter…thank you.

Now, what would have been the consequences if you, the investor, the clump of clay, gave up or tried to avoid the sequence of the potter’s process? Or the real-world question is, what if you got into apartment investing and started experiencing problems and gave up on your journey, your dreams. You simply quit. Here are a few possible answers:

1. You would have remained a clump of clay and not realized your true potential as an apartment investor.
2. You would have a defect in your formation because you ran away during your greatest opportunity for personal growth.
3. You may easily be damaged because you were not battle-hardened.
4. You may crumble under fire because of fear.
5. You may never become what you can become – a masterful and rich apartment investor.

I have come across a few sayings from one of my mentors. They witness to each of us that don’t trust the potter and the process. It’s called the sequence of success…


• When you are out of sequence or avoid the process, you’ll fail.

• Sometimes the sequence is boring, but it always leads to success.

• When you bypass the sequence, you’ll bypass “growth”.

• Natural sequence does not have a timeline.

• People want to start off as soaring eagles because an egg and a chick are not sexy.

I hope you enjoyed this story, which happens to be a true one. Thank you Potter.

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