real estate investingConnect With Clubs

The first thing you can do to start building a power house real estate team is to join your local REIA.  Before you even do your first deal you can show up at REIA meetings and figure what services you could use and establish some expert contacts.  You can also sign up at and find a local group to get involved in.  Meet-ups are great ways to meet potential partners and clients.

Once you have met some people at meetups and REIA meetings you can keep in touch with them and start building your brand via social media and email.  You can literally start referring people to your contacts before you’re even doing deals.  This will build up your credibility and create a buzz about your brand.

Connect With Realtors, Title Agents, Insurance Agents

If you are already buying or selling some deals you should strike up a conversation at the closing table.  Think about it..  You are sitting at a table waiting on copies to be made and you have a couple realtors, another buyer or seller and a title person in the room.  I always ask the realtor “Hey do you know of any more deals like this one?”  and I always tell the title company “Feel free to give my info out to anyone that buys or sells property”.   This will work best if you’ve already referred some clients to them.  Everyone loves referrals and repeat business.

When you buy properties be sure to get insured with the best landlord or construction policy.  If you are using an insurance agent that knows how to take care of investors then they probably knows a lot of other investors.  Offer to give the insurance agent a testimonial for there website of how excellent there service is. Maybe in return they will give you a referral for an investor that needs to buy or sell a property.

Connect With Investors

When you meet other investors ask them who they use for various aspects of the business.  “What realtor, title company, or contractors do you use?”  Be sure to return the favor by offering up some information that they might be able to use.

Every niche business in the industry will provide a new source of contacts if you market yourself correctly. Giving people business and referrals is the best way to get business and referrals.

Hook Up With A Property Management Firm

One easy way to tap into a pre-existing team is to hire a decent sized property management company to take care of your rental properties.  Be sure to be easy to work with and very helpful when dealing with your property management company.

They could be a HUGE part of your power team.  If you are a “hands on” individual who wants more control you should consider starting your own property management company.  It’s not an easy business to be in but you and your services will always be in high demand.

Who is the one person/business that you work with for investing ideas or real estate deals?

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